A society also has its own important characteristics. And a society must have a population. Without the population, a society is never possible. But don’t get it wrong because it is not a bunch of people but it a system of social relationships. The population is important because to make the relationships work, it must involve people. Thus, this is the first and the most significant requirement of a society.


1. Likeness

Without the sense of likeness there can be no acknowledgement of the belonging together that results to a rejection as a society. The sense of likeness was discovered in kinship in the early society and for the modern societies, the sense of likeness flourished into nationalism or the principles of nationality. A society is population by individuals who has the same body and mind. Union of any kind can never be possible without the sense of likeness because they can never untie if they do not understand each other.

2 . Differences

The society is dependent to the likeness and as well as the differences this is why it as important as likeness. Differences and likeness together creates division in labor which makes a great and successful society because it compliments social relationships. Although it is really important to make a society work, differences alone could not create a harmonious society, most likely, it will create chaos that causes a society to break down and fail for so many reasons. Even a family has their own differences in their abilities, interest and capacities.

3. Inter-dependence

This is also a very impactful characteristic of a society. It can be found in every aspect in the modern society. According to Aristotle, the man is a social animal and with that comes the fact that he is dependent on other people and things. No man is an island therefore no one is self sufficient.

Men need others for survival; food, shelter, security and for the realization of his needs and provisions. Interdependence increased significantly with the advancement in the society. Biological interdependence on the different sexes is where the family which is the first society base on. Communities, societies and other groups are also interdependent with each other.

4. Cooperation and conflict

Cooperation is essential in the formative times of a society. If this is non-existent, there can also be no society. People would not be able to live a happy life if this does not exist. The family rests on cooperation and it helps avoid destructiveness and financial system in expenditure. But conflict is also essential because its role is to strengthen bonds and relationships between each other. Conflict and cooperation co-exist with each other and because of these two, a society is also formed. The conflict makes the cooperation even more meaningful than what it is. Direct and Indirect conflict is two different things but both are needed for a society.

 There are still many more characteristics of a society. If you want to know more, feel free to browse and look for what you desire.