Our current society displays a lot of malfunctions, for example, the crisis that we are currently facing which is the financial crisis. This is a reflection of its malfunctioning and that is just one symptom and there more going on. Currently, we are still transitioning as what people know and we are beginning to go into a new era. The best example for this is our education. People are already educated through their own work or working environment.


All kinds of job even the ones that are small or those which are big are putting people inside boxes. Another is that we fear of doing something wrong and it manifests in our behavior and it paralyzes the thinking of the people. It does not encourage creativity, it limits the thoughts of individuals and it creates clones in our thinking. It isolates in the box therefore we can’t think outside our boxes.

Here are some of the few characteristics of a modern society, and it could either bring benefits or not.


This characteristic is within reach individuals in the modern world. If you want to learn about how to fix cars, install electricity, bake cakes, do hair and make-up, teach little children, understand another language, then there are a number of courses that you can attend to. You can go to school easily and online. You can have your classes even if you are just sitting down in your own personal computer. They also have online courses that do not require you to pay anything which is very helpful to a lot of individuals.

Interference of online media. 

A business can fail within minutes online. It can fail due to bad online business management. In the grounds of today, you can already manage your business online. You do not need to go to an office or a building for you to be called a businessman, you can turn on your laptop or computer and you already are a functional businessman. But given that, it can also cause failure because of the instant transparency which is in the thinking of the new generation. There are many businesses like U Win Marketing that optimizes business websites and more.

Well, the different crisis that we are facing each and every day is what caused people to create a new and better society. We upgrade everything to help ourselves combat this crisis. It might not be obvious but there is a new revolution that is going on and it is a very powerful and strong one. It is making a parallel society where everything is equal. A perfect manifestation of this is how people ignore the systems provided to them and they opt for their own system. This new movement causes our current society to be outdated.

Buildings and structure made in the past generations, today, are not anymore functional. There has been a lot of people who lost their jobs because of this. Instead, the 24/7 businesses has produced and gained more now than ever before. This has been the new trend and it was put up by the new generation or the modern society.

We have lost track of how many new developments emerge every day. It is a difficult task to trace all of them especially for the big companies which doesn’t have the speed, capacity and brilliant employees with big ideas to put into reality.

However despite all of these, we still enjoy the advantages it gives. Fast transaction and transportation which makes everything easier.